World’s First Ethane Powered Marine Engine for Vessels (Highlights)

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Significance: First 3 ocean-going vessels to be fueled by ethane

man diesel

9s90ME-GI Engine –¬†Photo by MAN B&W



Owner: Ocean Yield ASA (Oslo)
Shipmanager: Hartmann Schiffahrt (Germany)
Vessel: Liquefied Ethylene Gas Carriers (LEGC)
Shipyard: Sinopacific Offshore & Engineering (China)
Delivery Date: August, October and December 2016


Technical Specs

Engine: MAN B&W ME-GI low-speed, dual-fuel engine.
Capacity: 36,000 cbm
Fuel: Ethane, Methane


Advantages of Ethane over HFO

  1. More competitive pricing 
  2. Significantly shorter bunkering time
  3. Contains negligible sulphur emissions
  4. 15 Р20 % less carbon dioxide emissions 
  5. Significantly lower particles under combustion
  6. Environmental friendly