About Us


Asian Lubricants Pte Ltd is established by a team of highly experienced individuals in the trade.


Our founders have vast experience in the marine industry. From working on board ships as marine engineers to many years of experience with major oil companies, our founders realize that the needs of many customers were not being fulfilled and something had to be done.

With the rationalisation of supply ports by the oil majors, many vessels were left stranded with no lubricants supply and were left to fend on their own to source for lubricants at a port they are not familiar. Having to resort to seek help from the local shipping agents, the products are naturally sold at exorbitant prices.


With this in mind, Asian lubricants formed a strong network of suppliers globally, comprising of oil majors, national oil companies, local blenders and local distributors. 


Our founders have thus pledged to provide customers with quality products at the most competitive prices globally.

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